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Latest Release - REST API, better REST Services support, new Operations/Endpoints UI, and new 'For Developers' site

By: Jiten BhagatGbAdmin

Created: 2010-04-08 09:12:12 UTC

The BioCatalogue team is pleased to announce the public release of the BioCatalogue REST API, allowing programmatic access to the data and functionality of the BioCatalogue.

There is currently a read only API. We are working on a write API for service submission and annotations.

Detailed documentation and guidance is available from here:

We’ll be fleshing the documentation out some more based on your feedback.

Feel free to join the new biocatalogue-hackers mailing list: This is for a more technical audience, to ask questions, give feedback and provide suggestions (for those using the REST API or even working on the BioCatalogue codebase).

Thanks to all who have helped with the development of the API.

Together with the API, we have also updated the BioCatalogue ( with the following new features:

  • Better support for describing REST Services. You can now describe in detail the exact endpoints available for a REST service, together with the input and output parameters and representations. This will also be used to describe the BioCatalogue REST API.
  • A more streamlined UI for browsing the SOAP operations and REST endpoints of a service.
  • SOAP operations are now directly returned in search.

Finally, we have a new ‘For Developers’ site:, in which we aim to provide more information to the developer community about the technical side of the BioCatalogue project.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

  • The BioCatalogue team