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Search the BioCatalogue with your data

By: Franck TanohGb

Created: 2009-12-03 14:53:44 UTC

We have released a brand new “Search by data” feature. It allows you to query for services that might analyze or process a given real data. For example, given a Fasta file, it returns a list of services that possibly consume sequences in Fasta format.

To access the feature go to: or click on a drop-down button just on the right site of “Providers” link.

We would appreciate any suggestions or comments which will help us to improve this feature. Note that “Search by data” depends on example inputs and outputs for service operations in BioCatalogue. If you add a new service or annotate one, please add example inputs and outputs to improve the visibility of the service.

Note also that we are logging your queries, which enables us to monitor and improve the quality on results. We hope to use this data to develop automatic tools for service annotation in the future. Meanwhile, we suggest you not to use secure or confidential data while searching for services.

The BioCatalogue Team