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The BioCatalogue iPhone and iPad apps are now available

By: Jiten BhagatGbAdmin

Created: 2011-08-17 09:04:07 UTC

From Mannie Tagarira:

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Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to inform you that the official BioCatalogue iPhone and iPad app is now available on the app store for free download. Accessing and sharing the BioCatalogue’s web service just got easier!

This app allows you to browse the catalogue for services, service providers, other BioCatalogue members. In addition to this, you can log into your BioCatalogue account through the app to view:

  • your favourite web services;
  • the web services you have submitted;
  • the web services for which you are responsible.

You can also view information about web services including monitoring details, REST endpoints, SOAP Operations, and so on.

View the app in the app store via

Regards, Mannie Tagarira </div>

Please feel free to give us any feedback through the contact form or emailing us.

  • The BioCatalogue Team