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The G6GFINDR System is a query-based system that helps you find bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) software. At a future date, the system will be expanded to include more specific recommendations and also to other subject areas. G6GFINDR is powered by "semantic annotation" vs. keyword search. Semantic annotations take advantage of semantic web graph technology. Semantic annotation is the process of creating meta-data (annotations) from unstructured data based on Natural L...

Provider: g6gfindr-com | Base URL:

Proteins API REST
The Proteins REST API provides access to key biological data from UniProt and data from Large Scale Studies data mapped to UniProt. The services provide sequence feature annotations from UniProtKB, variation data from UniProtKB and mapped from Large Scale data sources (1000 Genomes, ExAC and COSMIC), proteomics data mapped from Large Scale sources (PeptideAtlas, MaxQB and EPD) and genome coordinate mappings.The interactive documentation provides dynamically generated source code for Java, P...

Provider: European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) | Base URL:

Brassica Information Portal REST Gb
The Brassica Information Portal is a web repository for population and trait scoring information related to the Brassica breeding community. It provides information about quantitative trait loci and links curated Brassica phenotype experimental data with genotype information stored in external data sources. Advanced data submission capabilities and APIs enable users to store and publish their own study results in our Portal. The repository can be easily browsed thanks to a set of user-friendl...

Provider: bip-earlham-ac-uk | Base URL:

Disorder Atlas REST Us
Disorder Atlas is a web-based service that facilitates the interpretation of intrinsic disorder predictions using proteome-based descriptive statistics. This service is also equipped to facilitate large-scale systematic exploratory searches for proteins encompassing disorder features of interest, and further allows users to browse the prevalence of multiple disorder features at the proteome level. Disorder Atlas is freely available for non-commercial users at

Provider: University of Michigan Medical School | Base URL:

Arabidopsis thaliana Gene annotation information (Araport) REST Us
The Arabidopsis Information Portal is an open-access online community resource for Arabidopsis research. Araport enables biologists to navigate from the Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0 reference genome sequence to its associated annotation including gene structure, gene expression, protein function, and interaction networks. This service provides gene annotation information from ThaleMine (an Arabidopsis thaliana specific instance of InterMine) given an AGI locus identifier (e.g. AT1G65480).

Provider: api-araport-org | Base URL:

3did REST
The database of three-dimensional interacting domains (3did) is a collection of high-resolution three-dimensional structural templates for domain-domain interactions. It contains templates for interactions between two globular domains as well as novel domain-peptide interactions, derived using a recently published method from our lab.

Provider: 3did-irbbarcelona-org | Base URL:

Pigeon Visualizer for Synthetic Biology REST Us
The service takes a text description and translates it into an image. The description specifies a genetic design, and the image visualizes the design using standard glyphs.

Provider: synbiotools-bu-edu | Base URL:

CRAM reference registry: sequence retrieval by MD5 and SHA1 REST Gb
The CRAM reference registry provides access to reference sequences used in CRAM files. Retrieval of reference sequences from the CRAM reference registry is provided by MD5 or SHA1 checksum and through no other means. Please note that all sequences in the registry are fully public but are not retrievable without knowing the MD5 or SHA1 checksums.

Provider: European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) | Base URL:

The CRA lets you access large cluster computers to run a variety of phylogenetic codes, at no charge. You can access parallel BEAST, BEAST2, DPPDIV, GARLI, jModelTest2, MAFFT, Migrate-N, MrBayes, RAxML

Provider: cipresrest-sdsc-edu | Base URL:

ELISA Kit Development REST Us

This service has been archived because it may not be active anymore (or is close to being non active).

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