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iCapture Lab

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INFN (BioVel)

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INFN BioVel Service

Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Proteines (IBCP)

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Now, Bioinformatics is requiring research infrastructures able to store very large biological data sets, complex and heterogeneous, and to make these data avalaible for intensive scientific computing. Facing to this growing needs, we should take advantage

Instituto Nacional de Bioinformatica (INB)

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INB is a technological plattform of Insituto de Salud Carlos III ( and a future ELIXIR node. A Spanish National Network for coordination, integration and development of Spanish Bioinformatics Resources in genomics and proteomics proj

IRCCS San Martino University Hospital - IST National Cancer Research Institute of Genoa, Italy (USMI)

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IST Bioinformatics Web Services at the National Cancer Research Institute (IST) of Genoa, Italy They allow access to CABRI (Common Access to Biological Resources and Information) catalogues, IARC TP53 Mutation Database, and the SRS by WS tool.


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Database of human missense variants mapped to 3D protein structures & Annotation pipeline


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