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RxNav is a browser for several drug information sources

Mouse Resource Browser (MRB)

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The Mouse Resource Browser (MRB) is a resource management project that provides a dynamic and interactive view of world wide available mouse resources.


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Checks sequence variant nomenclature according to the guidelines of the Human Genome Variation Society.


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1 service provides simple-to-use REST web services to query/retrieve gene annotation data.


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GENIA Tagger - part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, and named entity recognition for biomedical text -


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The goal of the NeuroElectro Project is to extract information about the electrophysiological properties (e.g. resting membrane potentials and membrane time constants) of diverse neuron types from the existing literature and place it into a centralized database.

Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF)

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A dynamic inventory of Web-based neuroscience resources: data, materials, and tools accessible via any computer connected to the Internet. An initiative of the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research, the Neuroscience Information Framework advances neuros

NIDDK Consortium Interconnectivity Network

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We envision dkCOIN, the NIDDK Consortium Interconnectivity Network, as serving the needs of basic and clinical investigators by providing seamless access to large pools of data relevant to the mission of NIDDK. The goal of dkCOIN is to develop a community


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The OMA (“Orthologous MAtrix”) project is a method and database for the inference of orthologs among complete genomes.


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The Ontological Discovery Environment allows users to integrate gene-centered data sets across species, tissue and experimental platform. Sets can be stored, shared and compared privately, among user defined groups of investigators, and across all users.