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Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): from provider’s description doc (5 months ago) WSKalign: protein and nucleotide multiple sequence alignment using Kalign (see

Note: this RPC/encoded SOAP service was decommissioned on Monday 28th March 2011, see for details of alternative REST and document/literal SOAP services.

Rodrigo Lopez (over 2 years ago)Kalign is a fast alignment method for protein and nucleotide sequences. It uses a fast approximate string matching algorithm to estimate sequence distances quickly and accurately. As a result Kalign is very fast compared to other programs and can align 1500 sequences in under 10 seconds.
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Hamish McWilliam (12 months ago)This RPC/encoded SOAP service is deprecated, and due to be retired in 2011.

Please use the equivalent REST or document/literal SOAP services instead.

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“Web services at the European Bioinformatics Institute – 2009”
Nucleic Acids Res. 37:W6-W10
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