BLAST blastp protein similarity search (CNRS IBCP) SOAP

Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Proteines (IBCP)

Lyon, France

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Eloto (about 1 year ago)

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cblanchet (9 months ago)Description

Find local similarity with the BLAST algorithm between a query sequence of protein and a reference database of proteins.


You need to provide the following input arguments to the service:



    • “Sequence” : the query sequence


    • “SeqDatabase” : the protein sequence database to compare the query to. The value of this argument should be an identifier get among the ones of the available databases on the remote server (swiss-prot, trembl, pdb).


The outputs of the service are:



    • “Status”: the status of the query


    • “JobId”: the JobId in the remote service environment


    • “SeqSimilar”: the sequences similar to the query identified by the service. The results are sent in the raw output format of the native tool.



More help about the usage of this Web service can be find with this schematic view, with this example of Taverna workflow.

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