MouseGeneSearch SOAP

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Stockholm, Sweden

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Eric E. Nzuobontane (over 2 years ago)

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Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): Franck Tanoh (about 1 year ago)The service allows you to retrieve data (e.g mouse gene) from the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, an interactive genome-wide image database of gene expression.

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Login to add a description License(s): None Login to add license info Cost: No info yet Login to add cost info Usage Conditions: Franck Tanoh (about 1 year ago) – Any of your use of the data and tools (including creation of derivative works of the data and tools) must be for noncommercial use unless otherwise agreed to by the Allen Institute;
– Your use must be in accordance with the Freedom to Innovate, which generally prohibits you from obtaining intellectual property rights that would limit the Allen Institute’s freedom to continue innovation;
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