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University of Wageningen

Netherlands Nl

SeekDa (over 11 years ago)

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http://biomoby.org/services/wsdl/www.bioinformatics.nl/OligoAnnotationAnalyser_submit (download last cached WSDL file)

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from provider's description doc (over 10 years ago)
* Calculates whether a hit is capable of generating signal in an array expermiment based on criteria
  specified in an OligoQualityThresholds object. 
* Only hits capable of generating signal are retained. Other hits are dropped.
* Fetches cross references to entries in several databases and adds these as a CrossReference block:
	* DNA Align Features, Protein Align Features and Xrefs from Ensembl that align with high identity to the 
	  sequence region of the OligoHit are retrieved by default and added as expression_xref.
	* Optionally GO terms linked to EntrezGene accessions or Ensembl genes can be retrieved 
	  and added as annotation_xref.
	* Optionally several types of homologs from several model species can be retrieved from Ensembl 
	  and added as homology_xref.
* Checks for introns and merges hits if they were intron seperated. (Only for hits on the genome.)
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