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Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): Franck Tanoh (about 1 year ago)”GTPS” is acronym of Gene Trek in Procaryote Space. Various complete genomes of eubacteria and archaea have been registered in the International Nucleotide Sequence Databases (INSD) of DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank. The annotation and sequence data are available from GIB (Genome Information Broker; However, annotations for genomic sequence of eubacteria and archaea released from INSD are often carried out by the different protocols such as minimum length of the ORF specified by the prediction program, threshold value of blast search and version number of the reference data used for blast and motif scan. Therefore, some inconsistencies of the ORF data are found in genomic annotations. The purpose of GTPS is to reannotate the ORFs among microorganisms in GIB data by using a common protocol and diffuse the results to every users as a resource for gnomescale analysis on microbes. The results are graded into AAAA (top grade) to X (lowermost grade) categories by curating the result of blastp and InterProScan analysis. The service provides you with all the result of reannotated data by the graphical interface and the flat file.

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