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BioMoby is a way of making services much easier to use and work better together using an ontology-based messaging standard.

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International Rice Information System (IRIS)

Los Banos, Philippines

SeekDa (over 11 years ago)

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Documentation URL(s): None Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): from provider’s description doc (over 10 years ago) phenotype, or combination of phenotypes.

The returned germplasm objects are very limited – containing just the identity attributes (simple identifiers). There are other use cases (and services implementing them) that can use these identifiers and retrieve full germplasm records.

A phenotype (used as a search filter) is defined by the GCP Domain model as a specialized Feature that contains two concepts, a “Trait” and a “TraitValue”. Both these concepts are defined by their own ontology. The Trait concept is specified as a SimpleOntologyTerm in the type of the phenotype. The TraitValue is specified as a string value of this Phenotype (later use cases may extend this to support more complex values). The above means that for this use case a Phenotype can be represented as a SimpleFeature (and not a full Feature).

For example, a phenotype we are looking for can be “Leaf color is purple”. The “Leaf color” is a term from a controlled vocabulary (ontology) of Traits, and the “purple” is a term from a controlled vocabulary of TraitValues (colors, in this case). The expected Phenotype object for such query will be:

i) getType() returning a type with ID “urn:lsid:…..:XXXXX:..”

where XXXXX is a unique identifier of the term “leaf color” in some ontology (the name of which is also part of the same LSID),

ii) getValueString() returning “purple”

where the string “purple” sits here without any knowledge where it should be looked for (the implementation must guess what would be the reasonable places – tables – to look at)..

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