NetNGlyc – Prediction of n-linked glycosylation sites in human proteins SOAP

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis (CBS)

European Union

rapacki (over 6 years ago)

Base URL: for details. WEB SERVICE OPERATION This Web Service is fully asynchronous; the usage is split into the following three operations: 1. runService Input: An object of the type ‘sequencedata’ (see the complete definition in; technical questions concerning the Web Service should go to Peter Fischer Hallin, or Kristoffer Rapacki,

rapacki(over 5 years ago)

NetNGlyc predicts N-Glycosylation sites in human proteins using artificial neural networks that examine the sequence context of Asn-Xaa-Ser/Thr sequons. The method is described in detail in the following article:

 "Prediction of N-glycosylation site

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