engineDBService_12_09 SOAP

National Research Council Italy (CNR)

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itb-bari (6 months ago)

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http://spank.ba.itb.cnr.it/docs/engineDB_12_09.wsdl(download last cached WSDL file)

Documentation URL(s): itb-bari (6 months ago)http://funcnet.eu/partners-and-predictors/enginedb/

Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): itb-bari (6 months ago)GENe AnaloGue FINdEr (ENGINE) uses semantic similarity between GO terms to score proteins for similarity of function. Even if two proteins have no actual GO annotations directly in common, they may be annotated with terms that are very closely related, by virtue of their proximity in the GO graph and mutual information content. ENGINE was designed to detect such implicit associations via large-scale grid-based statistical analysis, and the repository ‘engineDB’ (http://spank.ba.itb.cnr.it/engine) contains the results of this analysis.

The service runs on data generated with the Gene Ontology version Dec. 2009

The engineDB service accepts two lists of UniProt Accession Numbers, a query set (unknown or poorly-understood functions) and a reference set (distinct and well-characterized function) predicting whether the query proteins are involved in the same processes or phenomena as proteins from the reference set.

The output is a list of quadruplets: query protein, reference protein, raw score, p-value.

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