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The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM)


GiorgosGb (about 9 years ago)

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by Giorgos (about 9 years ago)

This service is to annotate yeast metabolites with a supervised NER system using CRF. It receives an input string and a user id and returns a list of recognised yeast metabolites with offset information and score from CRF. The dictionary used in this sy

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by Giorgos (about 9 years ago)

Georgios Kontonatsios: kontonag [at] cs.man.ac.uk

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Nobata, C., Dobson, P., Iqbal, S. A., Mendes, P., Tsujii, J., Kell, D. B. and Ananiadou, S.. (2011). Mining Metabolites: Extracting the Yeast Metabolome from the Literature. In: Metabolomics, 7(1), 94-101

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