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Specified Name (by submitter): Pairwise Alignment of PDB Structures or Binding Sites |
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REST Endpoints (1)

Align two protein structures or binding sites. | GET /{parameters}

Part of Service: ProBiS Alignment

Part of Endpoint Group: none

Template: Help_icon http://probis.cmm.ki.si/rest/align?return={return}&structure_id1={structure_id1}&structure_id2={structure_id2}&bsite1={bsite1}&bsite2={bsite2}

by Janez Konc (almost 9 years ago)

Align two protein structures or binding sites. Get superimposed coordinates in PDB format, or residue-residue correspondences in XML or Json formats. Required parameters: 1 - structure_id1=pdb_id1.chain_id1 2 - structure_id2=pdb_id2.chain_id2 Optional

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