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by Akshay Choche (over 8 years ago)

Find genes by a list of IDs. Either enter the ID list manually, or upload a plain text file that contains the list. IDs can be delimited by a comma, a semi colon, or any white spaces. For example, a list can be in the following form: TGME49_039250, NCLIV_000080. The ids you provide cannot have wild cards for this search. If you want search genes with wild cards, you can use the “Gene Id” quick search at the top of the page. Note: when searching for multiple IDs it is possible that not all will be found in the database. This may be due to changes in the annotation or unavailability of ID mapping. At present we do not have a mechanism to inform you which IDs from your input did not match anything in the database.

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by Michael Cornell Curator(about 6 years ago)

web service which allows users to search genes based on their locus tags.

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by Akshay Choche (over 8 years ago)
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by Akshay Choche (over 8 years ago)

Please find necessary publications about how to use annotated version of the web service at: http://mango.ctegd.uga.edu/jkissingLab/SWS/publications.html

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