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DIANA-miRPath v2 A REST service for DIANA-miRPath v2.1 microRNA functional analysis. This service queries DIANA-miRPath server and identifies significantly targeted pathways by the selected miRNA(s). The miRNA-gene interactions can be derived directly from TarBase, the experimentally validated miRNA-gene interaction database, or can be computationally predicted using the latest version of the microT algorithm (DIANA-microT-CDS). The user can enter more than one miRNAs in each query (miRNA names OR MIMAT ids are separated by space characters). DIANA miRPath in this case identifies significantly targeted pathways by the combinatorial effect of the selected miRNAs. The web server can combine multiple miRNAs by: Calculating the Union of Targeted Genes (Gene Union), Gene Intersection, the Union of Targeted Pathways by a meta-analysis algorithm (Pathways Union) and the Intersection of Targeted Pathways by a meta-analysis algorithm (Pathways Intersection). Users can select: attribute [identifier in the REST service] miRNA(s) [mirnas]: using miRNA name (miRBase 18+ nomenclature) OR MIMAT IDs miRNA-gene interaction identification method [methods]: Tarbase OR microT-CDS species [species]: human, mouse… method for multiple miRNA result combination [selection]: 0 (genes union), 1 (genes intersection), 2 (pathways union), 3 (pathways intersection) Soft intersection (gene intersections can be counted as a valid when a gene is targeted by miRNAs>= than the selected cut-off. Works only in the case of selection=1 / genes intersection) [inter_mir]: from 0 up to number of provided miRNAs (hard intersection) microT prediction threshold [threshold]: ranges from 0.3 (minimum), up to 1 (maximum) False Discovery Rate significance level [false_rate]: ranges from 0 up to 1 Use Conservative Statistics [stats]: true / false

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