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GET /rest/advancedSearch

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by Michael Cornell Curator(over 4 years ago)

query fields can include:

query: search query limit: number of posts to get (optional) offset: starting position (optional, used in combination with limit) sortBy: sort by (1: hit score, 2: publication date asc, 3: publication date desc, 4: modification date asc, 5: modification date desc) (optional, default is 1) lang: language version to request (optional, default is English, NB Japanese–>English translation is only available in lang=ja mode) noro: does not return the actual results, but only the number of results format: select return format (optional, default is format=json), valid values are json, csv, tsv, jsonp (return as file) keyword: search keyword field (optional) pdbid: search pdbid field (optional) title: search entry title field (optional) c_authors: search citation authors field (optional) c_title: search citation title field (optional) c_name: search citation journal field (optional) c_volume: search citation volume field (optional) compound_info: search compound field (optional) other_db_select: filter by external database (optional, valid values are “ec number”, “embl”, “emdb”, “gb”, “go”, “pir”, “pubmed id”, “doi”, “uniprot”, “pfam”) other_db_field: external database id (optional, in conjunction with other_db_select, in case nothing is supplied here, all entries which have a non-null value for other_db will return) ligand: filter by ligand field (optional) source: filter by biological source field (optional) host_species: filter by host species field (optional) r_date_year_after: filter by release date (optional) r_date_month_after: r_date_day_after: r_date_year_before: r_date_month_before: r_date_day_before: d_date_year_after: filter by deposition date (optional) d_date_month_after: d_date_day_after: d_date_year_before: d_date_month_before: d_date_day_before: m_date_year_after: filter by modification date (optional) m_date_month_after: m_date_day_after: m_date_year_before: m_date_month_before: m_date_day_before: c_year: filter by citation year (optional) chain_type_0: filter by chain type (optional, valid values are 1: contains, 2: does not contain) chain_type_1: chain_type_2: chain_type_3: chain_type_4: chain_type_5: chain_type_6: chain_type_7: chain_type_8: chain_number_min: filter by number of chains (optional) chain_number_max: chain_length_min: filter by chain length (optional) chain_length_max: res_min: minimum resolution (Å) res_max: maximum resolution (Å) method: filter by method (optional, valid values are 1: xray diffraction, 2: neutron diffraction, 3: fiber diffraction, 4: electron crystallography, 5: electron microscopy, 6: solution nmr, 7: solid-state nmr, 8: solution scattering, 9: powder diffraction, 10: infrared spectroscopy, 11: epr, 12: fluorescence transfer, 13: theoretical model, 14: hybrid, 15: theoretical model (obsolete))

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