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The reduction of glucose by the aldehyde reductase-catalyzed polyol pathway has been related to the secondary diabetic complications development. Recent studies recommend that glucose may be an incidental substrate of aldehyde reductase, which seems to be more adept in catalyzing the aldehydes reduction created by lipid peroxidation. Additionally, aldehyde reductase inhibition has been demonstrated to increase vascular oxidative stress induced by inflammation and also to prevent myocardial protection related to the late phase of ischemic preconditioning. Based on these studies, aldehyde reductase has been ascribed an important antioxidant role. Because of its significant in health care, the enzymatic activity measurement of aldehyde reductase has become an increasing need for researchers. Creative enzymes offers accurate quantification method to determine the aldehyde reductase activity by spectrophotometer and is your trustworthy partner for enzymes activity measurement.

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