For Developers

The BioCatalogue project is building an open platform for Web Services registration, annotation and monitoring. The codebase that powers the BioCatalogue is BSD licensed and therefore free to download, run and develop (see: installation).

As well as the web interface, you can access much of the data and functionality via a public REST API (currently read only). With this API you can integrate the BioCatalogue into your own tools and environments.

Information about working with the BioCatalogue codebase is available.

Release notes are also available for those updating their instances.

Further below on this page we will be adding detailed design and implementation information for those interested in knowing more about the internals of the BioCatalogue system.

The public biocatalogue-hackers mailing list is for those interested in developing with the BioCatalogue REST API and/or codebase. Please do join and post your questions/feedback/suggestions.

You can also contact us for any general queries.

If you are interested in what is currently happening with the core development of the BioCatalogue, you can check out:

Design and Implementation

System Architecture


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