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Below are the publications made by the BioCatalogue team, the citations for the BioCatalogue and the articles about the BioCatalogue.


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  • Jiten Bhagat; Franck Tanoh; Eric Nzuobontane; Thomas Laurent; Jerzy Orlowski; Marco Roos; Katy Wolstencroft; Sergejs Aleksejevs; Robert Stevens; Steve Pettifer; Rodrigo Lopez; Carole A. Goble BioCatalogue: a universal catalogue of web services for the life sciences Nucleic Acids Research 2010, 38 (suppl 2): W689-W694. Featured paper doi: 10.1093/nar/gkq394


1. Damian Smedley et al., in their paper, Finding and sharing: new approaches to registries of databases and services for the biomedical sciences emphasized the usefulness of the BioCatalogue for the community and advocated the use of the registry by all service providers to publish their services.

2. Achille Zappa, Mariangela Miele and Paolo Romano in their paper IBWS: IST Bioinformatics Web Services present their web services submitted in the BioCatalogue.

3. Javier Ríos and colleagues mention in their paper, Magallanes: a web services discovery and automatic workflow composition tool, the need to integrate Magallanes and the BioCatalogue.

4. Michael Gruenberge et al., in their paper, Towards the integration of mouse databases - definition and implementation of solutions to two use-cases in mouse functional genomics, favor the idea to submit to the BioCatalogue any web services developed during the course of their project.

5. Victoria Martín-Requenaw et al., reference the BioCatalogue in their paper, jORCA: easily integrating bioinformatics Web Services

6. María Pérez et al., propose a Semi-Discovery approach of Web service which heavily relies on the BioCatalogue service category classification. The paper is: Semi-automatic Discovery of Web Services Driven by User Requirements

7. BioCatalogue is cited in this paper: Protein structure analysis of mutations causing inheritable diseases. An e-Science approach with life scientist friendly interfaces; by Hanka Venselaar et al.

8. Hammad Afzal, James Eales, Robert Stevens and Goran Nenadic. Mining semantic networks of bioinformatics e-resources from the literature in the Journal of Biomedical Semantics 2011.

9. Paolo Missier, Norman Paton and Peter Li. Workflows for Information Integration in the Life Sciences in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2011, Volume 6585/2011, 215-225, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-19668-3_20

10. Jia Zhang, Wei Tan, John Alexander, Ian Foster, Ravi Madduri . Recommend-As-You-Go: A Novel Approach Supporting Services-Oriented Scientific Workflow Reuse. IEEE Intl Conf on Services Computing (SCC), 2011 (Best Paper Award)

11. Jia Zhang, Ravi Madduri, Wei Tan, Kevin Deichl, John Alexander, Ian Foster. Toward Semantics Empowered Biomedical Web Services. IEEE Intl Conf on Web Services (ICWS), 2011

12. Wei Tan, Jia Zhang, Ian Foster. Network Analysis of Scientific Workflows: a Gateway to Reuse. IEEE Computer, 43(9): 54-61, 2010. doi:10.1109/MC.2010.2622010


1. BioCatalogue: The 'Yellow Pages' of web services, an article by Marco Roos published on the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC) website.

2. A cool BioCatalogue introduction video on the OpenHelix Blog by Mary Mangan

3. BioCatalogue mentioned by David De Roure in his article e-Science and the Web in IEEE Computer Society publications

4. BioCatalogue article in the OMII-UK newsletter by Franck Tanoh

5. BioCatalogue article in genomeweb by Vivien Marx

6. BioCatalogue slides and presentations are here

7. BioCatalogue on wikipedia

8. ChEMBL Web Services are now in BioCatalogue

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