Note : The 2011 Roadmap is under review and will be available soon. Please come back later. You may have a look at the 2010 roadmap below…

The BioCatalogue Roadmap for 2010

Please note that the time scales listed are estimated. New requirements and changes driven by the user community may affect features, delivery dates and schedule.

You can access the previous roadmap here: 2009 roadmap

First quarter of 2010 (Jan - Mar)

  • Public APIs (I) - Basic RESTful APIs to BioCatalogue (mainly read).
  • Service monitoring - testing - Test scripts to test out service functionality can be provided by submitters and service providers. We will then run these regularly to provide us with metrics on the availability/reliability. A traffic light system (red, green, amber) gives users an at-a-glance view on status.
  • REST services support (II) - Better support for REST services, with the ability to describe and annotate the exact Resources, Methods, Parameters and Representations of REST services.
  • Service changes monitoring - Monitoring changes in the WSDLs of services and updating the BioCatalogue records and providing a log of changes.
  • User interface improvements - A revamped operations/inputs/outputs browser to allow easy navigation and annotation of operations/inputs/outputs of services

Second quarter of 2010 (Apr - Jun)

  • Service ownership - Better management of who the provides a service and which people are maintainers / points of contacts.
  • Public APIs (II) - More functional RESTful APIs to BioCatalogue (read).
  • Full EMBRACE import : Import all services, metadata, users and test scripts from the EMBRACE registry
  • REST service annotation improvement Better support for describing REST services - Describe endpoints, parameters and representations
  • BioCatalogue plugin for Taverna: Alpha version of the BioCatalogue plugin for Taverna 2.1.2
  • User interface improvement: Improve user interface for browsing SOAP operations and REST endpoints
  • Search improvement: Possibility to return matching SOAP operations in search

Third quarter 2010 (Jul - Sep)

  • Annotation Jamboree! (II) at the EMBRACE Workshop for Web Service Providers in Bioinformatics (June 2-4, 2010), Denmark
  • Curation workbench/tools - New curation tools designed for expert curators.
  • Major curation of the service providers information in the Catalogue - replace host name by actual service provider name
  • Integration with Taverna - Ability to import Web Services and annotations to and from BioCatalogue and Taverna.
  • myBioCatalogue - Ability to set up your own local BioCatalogue registry.
  • Service Monitoring improvement - Ability to update WSDLs entry in the BioCatalogue
  • Service ownership - Members may request responsibility for a service
  • Implement an activity feed for services
  • Homepage improvement - Activity feed for the homepage
  • Archiving mechanism for services, operations, inputs and outputs
  • Search improvement: Return matching REST endpoints in search

Fourth quarter 2010 (Oct - Dec)

  • API (III): JSON outputs for all API endpoints, Initial Write API and OAuth support for authentication and authorisation through the API
  • Support for HTTPS (SSL) connections
  • Service monitoring improvement: Support for SoapUI test suites (xml project files), Show historical success rate of tests and Email notification to users when test status changes
  • BioCatalogue Taverna plugin (II): New BioCatalogue plugin for Taverna 2.3 with a much more simplified user interface
  • Curation tools: Mass curation desktop application ( e.g. using spreadsheets for mass curation of services)

The features we plan to implement or improve for 2011 can be found here: Work plan 2011

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