Hogenom SOAP

PRABI – Rhone-Alpes Bioinformatics Center


Submitter / Source:
ProDom team (about 1 year ago)

Base URL:

WSDL Location:
http://prodom.prabi.fr/prodom/2006.1/wsdl/hogenom.wsdl(download last cached WSDL file)

Documentation URL(s): ProDom team (about 1 year ago)http://prodom.prabi.fr/prodom/2006.1/documentation/hogenom.html

Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): ProDom team (about 1 year ago)HOGENOM is a database of homologous genes from fully sequenced organisms, structured under ACNUC sequence database management system. It allows to select sets of homologous genes among species, and to visualize multiple alignments and phylogenetic trees.
It is also possible to search for orthologous genes in a wide range of taxons.

This webservice is a possible link between HOGENOM and ProDom. Enter an HOGENOM family ID (eg: HBG000450), only one at a time, and the web service will return the list of proteins (Uniprot accession number) contained in that family.

We have a perl script available to run this webservice from your computer. Please install SOAP Lite before.

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