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biomart (about 1 year ago)BioMart web service provides unified access to several databases housed at EBI/Sanger such as Ensembl Vertebrates, Ensembl Bacteria, Ensembl Protists, Ensembl Metazoa, Ensembl Variation, Ensembl Vega, Uniprot, PRIDE, HGNC & EU Rat Mart. The service also provides federated access to number of databases outside EBI including Reactome Pathways, PepSeeker, Gramene and Wormbase. For an up-to-date list of datasets, please visit,

BioMart web service has REST style end-point as well as SOAP (WSDL document literal) end-point. All the datasets are accessible through XML-based generic querying interface which also enables data integration from local and remote data sources. For details on how to formulate BioMart data and metadata queries, please visit,

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