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Medical College of Georgia

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Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): from provider’s description doc (11 months ago) A Web Service that exposes methods of the Publication Manager class of the AMDCC Object Model

rmcindoe (about 1 year ago)The Animal Models of Diabetic Complications Web Services layer exposes classes and methods of the AMDCC object model which can be used by users to interact with the AMDCC object model using custom built web applications. AMDCC web services layer makes available public data search and retrieval methods for animals, strains, experiments, histology images, investigators, phenotype assays and publications. This web service will retrieve manuscripts published by the AMDCC. A complete documentation for each of the web service methods is available providing information about data return type, input parameters and exceptions thrown. In addition, users may choose to download a zipped Visual Studio 2008 solution file containing a sample ASP .NET client application and C# class library project.

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