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The G6G Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software

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Documentation URL(s): None Login to add a documentation URL Description(s): Al (about 1 year ago)This directory of over ‘430 Product Abstracts’ lists data mining and additional software that is from two exciting and increasingly integrated technology fields, those of biotechnology and artificial intelligence. Software product abstracts from both industry and academia are listed in three ways: by application, by manufacturer and by name. The directory lists the product name, category, product abstract, system requirements, manufacturer, retail price when available, G6G
product and manufacturer number.

By Biotechnology Application:

Genomics —

Gene Expression Analysis/Profiling/Tools
Gene Expression Database/Tools
Genetic Data Analysis/Tools
Research Project Design/Tools

Cross-Omics —

Biomarker Discovery/Analysis/Tools
Data/Text Mining Systems/Tools
Knowledge Bases/Databases/Tools
Next Generation Sequence Analysis/Tools
Pathway Analysis/Tools
Pathway Knowledge Bases/Databases/Tools
Sequence Analysis/Tools

Proteomics —

Mass Spectrometry Analysis/Tools

By Artificial Intelligence Application/Technology

Intelligent Software —

Bayesian Network Systems/Tools
Data Mining Systems/Tools
Expert (Knowledge Based) Systems/Tools
Fuzzy Logic Systems/Tools
Gene Expression Programming Systems/Tools
Genetic Algorithm Systems/Tools
Genetic Programming Systems/Tools
Neural Network Systems/Tools

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